Small groups

Small groups, new opportunities …

CrossPoint wants to be more than a church on Sunday morning. Our focus on Getsewoud and being connected to its people is really important to us. We challange everybody who is involved at CrossPoint to get started with their faith also during the week: How can we encourage each other in who we are and what we do?! How do we meet God in our daily lives?!

Therefore, we emphasize the importance of small groups. These weekday opportunities can help you meet new people, deepen your faith and share your life with others. For years home groups have been essential. But we have made the choice to develop a versatile offer. This includes e.g. a creative group, outdoor group, music group, writing group and triangles.

Maybe this is a step too far for you? Are you still discovering your faith because you hardly know anything about it? Do you still have many open questions you are seeking answers to? We are also offering an ‘Alpha Course’, consisting of 10 evenings, where you can get acquainted with Christian faith.

Curious and like to learn more about small groups or the Alpha Course? Are you interested in an English speaking group? Do you want to meet other Christians in Getsewoud? Just contact Alexandra van Rijn. We are looking forward hearing from you!

Bram Dijkstra (pastor CrossPoint) and Alexandra van Rijn

PS. In CrossPoint you will also meet people from Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Brasil, Chile …